In order to make your stay on the Island more comfortable, Ibiza Boats & Houses disposes of a wide range of watercrafts, sailing boats, yachts, motor boats and cruisers, so that you can drive and relax in our crystal blue water bays, typical for the Islands Ibiza and Formentera.

We offer you large range of watercrafts on sale or to rent of all kinds of length, type and capacity.

Ibiza Boats & Houses also gives you the possibility to charter your watercraft.

Ibiza Boats & Houses disposes of the type of watercraft that goes along with your style and needs: sailing boats, catamarans,

speed cruisers and a large range of yachts, on which you can spend a beautiful day, have a party, a marriage or just enjoy your unforgettable holidays driving on the sea…

An unforgettable and unique experience with efficiency, confidentiality and trust…